IN-SHADOW: A Modern Odyssey

Ouvre les yeux ! Abre los ojjos ! Open yours eyes!

« Embarquez pour un voyage visionnaire à travers l’inconscient fragmenté de l’Occident et, avec courage, affrontez l’Ombre. À travers l’ombre dans la lumière. »


“No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell.”
-C.G. Jung


This film was created with earnest effort, diligence, and sacrifice. It is an urgent call to growth. I
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Written, Directed & Produced by Lubomir Arsov
Original Soundtrack “Age of Wake” by Starward Projections
Composited by Sheldon Lisoy
Additional Compositing by Hiram Gifford
Art Directed & Edited by Lubomir Arsov


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